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We provide Front-End Engineers or dedicated teams for the technologies you need
We excel at providing specialized team members who have the drive, ambition, and knowledge to ensure completion and satisfaction within any project.
Business Analysis by Frontetica helps our clients launch IT solutions on time, and within budget, thanks to our skills in gathering requirements that meet your needs, and transferring the resulting information into the language of the engineer.

Our BA team begins their work by studying your needs, business goals, and then moves on to identify all types of software development requirements, so that you end up with a detailed, effective specification that becomes the best friend to you and the development team.
Our BA team supports projects at all stages of software development and implementation.
HTML5/HTML, Vue, Angular, React, Bootstrap.
Discovery Phase, Project Documentation, Project Maintrance.
Team extension. Front-End Engineers
Business Analysis
We pride ourselves on providing the most highly qualified project development specialists to take the stress off your shoulders. The project can be yours, or a client of yours, but our standards of excellence remain the same.
Frontetica team members thrive on finding solutions to complex problems, and we can understand and address any problems you are having with qualified Front-End Engineers.
Your requirements are gone over with a “fine-toothed” comb so we understand your needs completely. Are you seeking to develop a project, additional features, scale up, or need team extension? We need to know exactly what skilled team members you are missing, what your goals are, and how our services and expertise can fill in the gaps and help with acceleration.
Information Gathering
Team Member Augmentation Prescreening
Review of Candidates
Onboarding Hiring
At this stage, you will get to assess our candidates and decide if the choice of candidates fits what you are seeking. You can discuss relevance with us or make changes as needed. Any additional requirements can be discussed and your input is crucial to us. You can eliminate candidates and we will suggest others based on your review
We then onboard all your selected candidates onto your project. They are immediately useful to you as we do all the necessary education for your selected candidates so that they “hit the ground running” on the first day with complete knowledge and understanding of expectations and their duties.
Our vetting process is thorough.
We go through all CVs of candidates that match your requirements and choose only the best of the best that fit your goals.
Our processes ensure that only the most qualified candidates are presented to you depending on your goals and your projects.
About the client: A startup based in Poland.
The international information and entertainment platform for recreation and entertainment.
This platform allows:
For users: helps to find information about restaurants, beauty salons, and events in your city. Thanks to the service, you can book tables in restaurants, book appointments for beauty treatments, find out the news about the city and choose which events to attend on weekdays or weekends.
For businesses: offers a comprehensive service that ensures a stable flow of customers and significantly strengthens the brand in the market.
Our Role: Software development partner
Technology stack: Angular, HTML, CSS
Problem: The Client needed to augment its existing team of software engineers with experienced Angular engineers.
Solution: Frontetica provided a team of a business analyst, 2 Angular engineers, and one QA engineer and completed the project within the approved timeframe.
About the Client: The client specializes in providing high-tech fitness and beauty solutions for SMEs in Italy and Switzerland.
Web app for an exclusive distributor of Fitness equipment.
Our role: Software development partner.
Technology stack: Angular, HTML, CSS
Solution: The company had its own development team, which lacked front-end engineers. After a thorough study of the customer's expectations, as well as the entire scope of work, we proposed a team consisting of a part-time time business analyst and 2 java script software engineers.
After all the necessary approvals, our engineers started working as part of the Client's team.
Our engineers took part in the development of the Client system interface and helped to complete the system within the agreed timeframe and budget
About the client: NDA
Software Requirements Specification
for the social network
Our Role: Creating Software Requirements Specification.
Problem: The client came to Frontetica with the idea of creating a social network but lacked a complete concept.
Solution: The business analyst conducted an in-depth study of the domain and suggested solutions for the client's idea, thanks to which we were able to help the client form a complete concept of his idea.
Frontetica provided a Software Requirements Specification for the User and Administrator modules.
The work was completed within budget and on time by one business analyst.

Let's Create Something Amazing Together.
We provide the frontend and business analysis you need with our dedicated team of IT professionals.

With years of experience behind us, and the results to prove our experience,
we are confident we can tackle any project or problem you are having with frontend development or other IT glitches. We welcome complex projects and challenges.

We also work hand in hand with you to determine the best solution to your project providing advice, guidance, structure, analysis, and even extra team members
if you need them.

Our end goal is to provide the finest in IT technology specialists to bring every project to a glorious and effective conclusion. Whether a full-blown start to finish project or just minor improvements, Frontetica has spent years obtaining the finest specialists and putting them at your disposal.

You are special and our technicians and team members know this and will indeed work relentlessly towards your satisfaction.
Drop us a line about your project at or via the contact form below, and we will contact you within a business day.
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