What's new in Next.js 13

Next.js 13 presents a new powerful Image component that allows you to easily display images without changing the Layouts and optimize files on demand to improve performance.
The app/ directory simplifies the layout of complex interfaces that retain state during the navigation, avoids costly re-rendering, and includes advanced routing patterns. Furthermore, you can embed layouts and put your application code together with your routines, such as components, tests and styles.
Server Components
The app/ directory provides support for the new React Server Components architecture. Server and client components use the server and client for what they do best - allowing you to create fast, interactive applications with a single programming model that delivers a great developer experience.
The app/ directory allows for incremental rendering and gradual streaming of rendered UI units to the client.
next/link does not require you to manually add <a> as a child element anymore.
OG picture generation
Social cards, also known as open-graph images, can significantly increase click-through engagement on your content, with some experiments showing up to 40% higher conversions.